About Us

Our Quality Promise


 At Camdyn Auto Repair, our goal is simple. It is to help our customers. To help them with their auto repair and maintenance. To help them save money. To help them save time. To help restore their trust in taking their vehicle in to an auto repair shop and mechanic. To help by educating them on the repairs they need and what they can do to be proactive in the future. To help them feel at ease when their vehicle is in need of repairs. To help them prioritize repairs, if needed. We are happy to help! 

About Us


 Camdyn Auto Repair is a family-owned and operated automotive repair shop. Justin and Amanda Grimm have lived in the Round Rock area for over 10 years and fell in love with the community. When they welcomed their daughter, Camdyn, they decided to say good-bye to the corporate world and embark on a family business and journey. Their goal is to create a successful business, doing what they love, with whom they love, within the community they love.